Family Advocacy Network

FAN Services include:

-Forensic Interviews

-Forensic Medical Examinations

-Hair Follicle Testing

-Referral/Advocacy Services

-Training for our Multidisciplinary Teams



-To provide centralized access to an integrated system of services for victims of abuse.
-To provide coordination of high quality, reliable, timely, consistent psychosocial history and assessment interviews and forensic medical examinations.
-To provide an increased coordination of efforts toward prevention, identification, treatment and prosecution of abuse.


FAN works to support and strengthen families through education and direct services, thus setting in place a system that will break the cycle of abusive behaviors. FAN, although based at Good Samaritan Hospital, realizes a regional structure that improves the response of community and health professionals assisting those who have been abused; and provides awareness and educational resources throughout West-Central Nebraska.

Across the country, advocates for abused children have created child advocacy centers. In our communities, while we recognize that the majority of the individuals served will be children, there is a definite focus on serving vulnerable populations of all ages.

FAN serves these 13 Nebraska counties:
Buffalo, Custer, Loup, Blaine, Furnas, Gosper, Dawson, Franklin, Kearney, Harlan, Phelps, Sherman and Valley.

The Mid-Nebraska Telemedicine Network may be utilized to allow onsite interviewing without travel to Kearney. For example, a law enforcement officer in Callaway, Nebraska can view a live interview off-site and submit questions to the interviewer via the teleconferencing link. Interviews are videotaped and conducted according to National Advocacy Center (NAC) protocols. The interview and medical exam findings may be used in the filing of criminal charges.

FAN serves Telemedicine Network Sites located in the following Nebraska Communities:

Broken Bow- Jennie M. Melham Memorial Medical Center
Callaway -Callaway District Hospital
Cambridge -Tri-Valley Health System
Cozad -Cozad Community Hospital
Franklin -Franklin County Memorial Hospital
Gothenburg -Gothenburg Memorial Hospital
Holdrege -Two Rivers Public Health Department
Minden -Kearney County Health Services
Ord -Valley County Hospital