FAN Employees:

Director: Jamie Vetter

Program Supervisor/ Advocate:  Andrea Kemp

Team Coordinator: Kori Roberts

Forensic Interview Specialist: Sara Stauffer and Morgan Wicht

Spanish Forensic Interview Specialist: Paty Reyes-Covalt

PRN Forensic Interview Specialist: Robert Hock, Brenda Bierbower, Jaylynn Graham

All staff members are trained in forensic interviewing.
Contracted Medical Staff:

Dr. Angela Kratochvil-Stava  (Medical Director) - Pediatrician

Dr. Evin Lackore

Deena Sughroue, APRN S.A.N.E. Trained

Cindy Hayes, APRN S.A.N.E. Trained

Chrisanne Wickham, RN S.A.N.E. Trained

Carly Blakley, RN S.A.N.E. Trained

Jamie Cummings, RN S.A.N.E. Trained

Mandy Strong, RN S.A.N.E. Trained

June Collison, RN S.A.N.E. Trained



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